Just Axis.
Then, All other works are solved by MyLign

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From Analog To Digital

Even half a century after Andrew’s “6 keys to normal occlusion”
theory and SWA principles were established, we still haven’t been able to properly
implement the SWA technique in the field.
Most of all, IdB is a very useful way to implement SWA technique,
but the traditional “Set-up” requires skilled dental technition’s work.
And it’s hard enough for a skilled technition to take one night and two days.

MyLign has developed the goal of implementing digital orthodontics quickly
and accurately. SWA techniques can be conveniently implemented by MyLign.

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MyLign accurately implements Andrew’s SWA theory digitally.
Therefore, if individual Teeth Axis is set well to bracket prescription,
Teeth arrangement, interdental space adjustment, maximum intercuspation, and bracket positioning are aligned fast and accurately on SWA principles.

Digital Simulation
Accurate Bonding
Convenient Jig

Lee Hyoyeon

Yes Ortho Corp


  • Graduated from Seoul National University College of Dentistry
  • Adjunct Professor, Catholic Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry
  • Outpatient Professor at Soonchunhyang University Hospital
  • Director of Soraean Correctional Research Association
  • Author : Comparative Orthodontic Diagnostics, 2018

Benefit of MyLign

MyLign Computer-aided Auto Set-up Technology,
We can provide many Benefits to you Clinically or for Business ever.
Digital Straight Wire technique

  • You will be able to get orthodontic treatment more easily like a mastered orthodontist.
  • You can complete the Setup procedure and IdB Jig design within 1 hour without the help of dental technician.
  • Chair Time & Bonding Time will be significantly reduced.
  • You can simulate various treatment plans
    and perform orthodontic procedure conveniently and safely.